Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Top 7 Fireproof Gun Safe Brands

There are many fireproof gun safe brands available on the market. Some have good reputation and some have no. Reputation they got is from customer feedback and satisfy. It increases the number of sales in the future.

Here are some good fireproof gun safe brands available on the market.

1. Stack-On
If found the customer reviews of Stack-On on Amazon.com are very amazing. Most of Stack-On products have good ratings from buyers. It means that the product has good performance.

2. Blue Dot Safes
Blue dot safe has good reputation, too. It's like Stack-On, has good rating from the buyers.

3. Mesa Safe Company

4. Steelwater

5. Sentry Safe
Sentry safe is famous. However, many Sentry Safe products are small built. Not like other fireproof gun safes, the model of Sentry Safe is created for hand gun and valuables. If you want to store long gun in it, it's impossible.

6. Winchester

7. American Security

Yeah, I think that's all I can write to load out my opinion about gun safes. Hopefully you enjoy it.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Amsec TF5517 Gun Safe

AMSEC is one of the well esteemed names among manufacturers of security and weaponry. The company has earned an estimable reputation particularly with respect to gun safes. AMSEC launched its TF series gun safes in May 2014. The launch included 2 models; a TF5517 and TF5517e5. The only difference between two models is that the TF5517e5 version came with electronic lock whereas the TF5517 comes with 3 wheel combination lock. The outside dimensions are as follows 55.25" x 17.34" x 16". The safe weight is approximately 286 lbs. The material used in body is 3/16’’ hard steel plate with double layer of insulation to protect against fire. The gun capacity is up to 11 long rifles and up to 10 handguns based on their size. It has three shelves and one large shelf to store long rifles. Thanks to multiple story shelves which offers plenty of space to have ammunition or other valuables to be stored.

Electronic keypad lock mod provides a quick and easy access your safe even in the dark. Yes you read it right because the keypad automatically lights up when in the dark. The safe has a drill resistant hard plate to avoid any breach. The safe also comes with external spring loaded relocking device. The interior is designed to maintain temperature of less than 350 degrees Fahrenheit in event of fire break out of up to 1200 degrees fahrenheit for duration of 30 minutes. Both models come with 2 stage dual fire seals with silicone seals on door jambs, that will expand rapidly when exposed to heat. This serves as a layer of protection for inventory inside the safe against fire and smoke, which will always go through and bypass any minor gaps. Safe consists of a total 8 bolt system of 1’’ thick each. They are placed on each of the four sides on front door, 3 dead and 5 active bolts. If you are a clean freak and likes things organized then this will really excite you. AMSEC have introduced a PDO (Premium Door Organizer) to both these safes. It maximizes your storage without giving you hassle to browse through everything for commonly used items. The interior is of mocha fabric including back-cover and firewalls. Battery that powers the safe is easily replaceable; you just need a screw driver from your tool box and a new battery which is easily available from any store.

Sadly both models comes in only one finish i.e. Satin Black with chrome handles (if you are buying TF5517) and electronic keypad has a pretty straight forward interface. The basic in the box items include: Safe, instruction manual and mounting hardware.

Even if you are not yet convinced then you can ask manufacturers when ordering to provide the added protection from theft and fire. But this peace of mind will cost you extra few hundred dollars. You should need to read tips before buying to get maximum result at the end.

The TF5517 model cost $679 and TF5517e5model for $800 on Amazon.us including the shipping of the safe to your address also.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Things to Know Before Buying A Gun Safe

Buying a gun safe is the first step towards securing your assets and firearms. However, you cannot just enter a store and buy one because that would be reckless. Instead, you should take many factors into consideration before reaching your decision.

One of the basic things you should have in mind when buying a safe is the price. Nicer safes do cost an extra buck, but given the levels of security and quality they offer, they will spare you from a lot of stressful moments.

Here are some other things you should take into consideration:

Wall Thickness
Safes come in all sizes and shapes, and the same things apply to their walls. Here, the following rule applies: The thicker the wall, the better it is. Here, we have to return to the price issue because thicker walls cost an extra dollar, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. In addition, it is worth mentioning that you should check whether the safe has any type of armor shield over the lock box. This detail is especially important in cases of fire, where it can keep your assets safe even if heavy objects hit its surface.

Mechanical or Digital Lock Mechanisms
Over the course of time, mechanical lock mechanisms have proven to be the better choice over digital lock mechanisms. Electronic locks are considered as more complicated something could easily go wrong. One thing you should definitely check is whether the safe has a UL Goup II certification. If you want to buy a safe with a digital lock with the latest biometric technology, make sure that it is a UL Type I. It is also strongly advised that you don’t purchase cheap electronic locks which are known to have lesser quality and duration. In addition, if you decide to buy an electronic lock safe, keep changing your combinations in the keypad, or you will otherwise leave traces of the combinations with wear patterns.

Choose Fireproof Safes 
It is strongly advised that you choose a UL Rating of at least 350 degrees Fahrenheit safe. Your fireproof gun safe should be able to endure an hour of extremely high temperatures in order to keep your valuables safe.

Storage Space
Make sure you buy the safe of the right size for you. Take into consideration the fact that if you only have a pistol at the time of the purchase, it doesn’t mean that you won’t purchase a handgun later in time, so make sure you don’t buy a safe that is too small for anything else except for pistols. The extra storage space can easily be filled with jewelry and other valuables.